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According to modern concepts the field effects (gravitation, electromagnetism) are in the basis of effect of long-range action, and torsion components of fields of the physical vacuum can be in the basis of transfer of information at a distance between biological objects [Shipov G.I."Theory of Physical Vacuum",M.,NT-Centr,1993,362į.].

There is a possibility for creating in essence a new communication system having non-electromagnetic nature, and having high velocity (more than velocity of light) and extremely high penetrating ability.

After reaching positive results there is a possibility for creating economic mobile communication facilities, which do not require repeater stations and any equipment for creating channels. The realisation of the project can favour the development of the direction of telepathy effect by means of the relevant equipment.

Realisation of pilot model of a communication system (working model) transfer of information (Patent application "Transfer of Information by means of Physical Superweak Fields", LV P-97-156, 27.08.1997g.).

By use of physical medium PMSF (Physical Medium of Superweak Fields) for translation and reception of data it was proposed for the first time to use a translator and a retranslator for decision of the task of modulation of information as well as method of reception and decoding of translated information.

Maximum distance of translation and reception during the experiments was 50 km. For the translation no extremal power source was needed, engineering and natural objects didn't screen the communication. There was stated the possibility of translation and reception data in operation modes "0" and "1", in the mode of symboliwise reception of words and in the of ideal forms (phantoms). The offered system of translation and reception of data is in our opinion an original analogue of telepathy realised without any biological translating components.

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